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Although the Coton, otherwise known as the Royal Dog from Madagascar, is a small dog, it has a huge heart for its owner.

It is a family dog that loves to play, retrieve and spend time with people. He adapts to his family with which he lives. If you like to spend time actively, he will keep pace, if you like to spend time on the couch – he will also be eager to lie down.

Cotons in our lives are new, but we wonder how we could have survived so many years without them.

An additional advantage of Cotona de Tulear is the fact that it has a hair, which is extremely important for allergy sufferers. Coton is not allergic.

Our house is also home to:

10 years old veteran wolfspitz JATRA Logones

From May 2016 female Lhaso Apso Six Star Black is Back aka Monte, fortunately we received from friends of MaƂgorzata and Kuba.

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